Detailed Deep  Cleaning 

Green Detailed Deep cleaning is a detailed cleaning that covers sanitizing and cleaning the heavy accumulation of dirt, and virus-carrying germs, and more within your home.


It focuses on cleaning the outside surfaces and the inside surfaces of areas that are visible with details. It combines our General cleaning tasks, and General deep cleaning tasks, with cleaning inside of specified areas (inside the cabinets, inside the closets, inside the kitchen draws, and inside the pantry). Covers a detailed deep cleaning throughout all rooms specified in the package. 


Plus Aromatherapy, our special wellness blends of essential oils that help sanitize and purify your air. 


Detailed deep cleaning checklist:

Bedrooms, Living room, and dining room:

Detailed dusting and disinfecting all surfaces: all rooms.

Detailed wipe down window sills: all rooms.

Detailed microfiber wipe down baseboards: all rooms.

Detailed vacuum inside closets: all rooms.

Detailed vacuum of all carpeted floors: all rooms.

Detailed vacuum excessive hair and pet hair: all rooms.  

Steam sanitizes uncarpeted floors: all rooms.




  • Detailed wipe down of all surfaces and countertops.

  • Disinfect and polish sinks (inside/ outside) and countertops (removing removable heavy stains).

  • Detailed clean inside/ out of cabinets: wipe down the front face and sanitize (inside and out) (required to be empty).

  •  Detailed spot removal on walls: removing removable visible stains.

  • Detailed stovetop and drip pan cleaning: removing heavy removal stains.

  • Detailed vacuum inside of the pantry.

  • Detailed cleaning inside of the microwave.

  • Detailed microfiber wipe down/ dust baseboards. 

  • Wipe down the front face of the dishwasher.

  • Detailed vacuum of all floors.

  • Steam sanitize all floors (uncarpeted floors).

  • Detailed microfiber wipe down of backsplash.

  • Detailed vacuum of excessive hair and pet hair.




  • Detailed spot treatment on walls in bathrooms (removing removable stains).

  • Detailed microfiber wipe down of all surfaces and countertops. 

  •  Detailed power scrub toilets: including behind toilets (removing removable hidden germs & dirt).

  • Disinfect & polish sinks (inside/ outside) & countertops (removing all removable heavy stains).

  • Detailed clean inside /out of cabinets: wipe down the front face and sanitize (inside/ out, required to be empty).

  • Intensive bath and shower glass green cleaning: removing removable heavy stains, watermarks, and soap stains.

  • Detailed cleaning inside of closets floor cleaning and shelves (must be empty).

  •  Detailed wipe down window sills 

  •  Detailed grout cleaning of tiles (bathtub and shower removing all removable dirt in between tiles and grout).

  •  Detailed microfiber wipe/ dust baseboard.

  • Detailed vacuum of excessive hair and pet hair. 

  • Detailed cleaning of Soaking tub/ jet tub.

  • Steam sanitize and disinfect uncarpeted floors (removable hidden dirt and germs leaving floors 99% germ-free).

  •  Aromatherapy air purifier (all rooms).

(This package does not cover cleaning inside the fridge, inside the oven ceiling fan, windows, or sliding glass doors, see our Detailed deeper cleaning package for more details).