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Detailed Deeper  Cleaning 

Focuses on cleaning the inside surface areas, as well as the outside surface areas. Detailed deeper cleaning combines all of our cleaning packages in one (general cleaning, general deep cleaning, detailed deep cleaning, and steam cleaning floors). It covers all of your cleaning needs by providing the full range of detailed deep-cleaning services. When you need a full detailed deep heavy cleaning choose our detailed deeper cleaning package.


Detailed Deeper

Cleaning checklist

Inside of oven cleaning( heavy sanitized deep cleaning of the inside of the oven).

Inside of the refrigerator and freezer cleaning

Dusting top of the refrigerator

Window cleaning (inside)

Window track cleaning( inside)

Sliding glass door cleaning (outside)

Inside of cabinets cleaning

Inside of pantry cleaning

decluttering and organization

Inside of closet cleaning


Detailed Deeper Cleaning checklist

  • Focuses on cleaning more details and interiors (inside surfaces Ex: inside of cabinets, inside of closets) :

  • Dusting blinds,

  • Dust ceiling fan,

  • Spot treatment on walls (removing removable stains),

  • inside of closets floor cleaning and shelves,

  • inside kitchen appliances: oven,

  • stovetop drip pan,

  • inside the fridge,

  • inside freezer/ deep freezer,

  • Wiping sliding glass door inside,

  • Organization/ remove clutter inside of a closet,

  • Inside of cabinets,

  • Inside of pantries,

  • Cleaning on top of the fridge 

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