Awaken the natural essentiality of your natural habitat, with Bonsai Green Cleaning.


Breathe in fresh tranquility by experiencing professional  non toxic, environmentally friendly homemade cleaning for your home. Our green cleaning recipes, enhances a physical calming state for you and your home. Leaving your home like you walked into nature.



What is special about our Bonsai Green Cleaning Services?

As a professional cleaning company, green cleaning is not just a trend for our company. It is a proactive wellness life style we share with you and communities and practice every day. 

At Bonsai Green Cleaning we take pride in the quality of our work, protecting our customers and the environment. Green cleaning is the process of using nontoxic cleaning products that promote a healthier environment for both people and the planet.  All of our products are a 100% Biodegradable, infused with special essential oil blends with wellness properties that offer a range of cleaning options. 


 Residential Aromatherapy!

With our special blends of Essentials oils, you will enjoy the same properties offered from the essential oils, such as relaxing, passion and various other blends upon request.

Our special ingredients and wellness aromatherapy helps safe-guard you against the allergens, bacteria and germs that make you sick.

Reducing the amount of germs , toxins, dust , and allergens in the air


Handmade products.

To ensure that our products we use are biodegradable and non-toxic, all of our cleaners use specially hand crafted non-toxic 100% green products. We take our time to hand make all of our products. Including our wellness aromatherapy blends to ensure our clients receive 100% refreshing green cleaning.

Family Owned and operated

Why Choose Bonsai?



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