Refreshing Deep Green Cleaning Options

We understand some of our clients have a busier than usual schedule and might miss their regular cleaning schedule. Our Deep cleaning packages are perfect for homes that haven't had a professional cleaning within the last 3- 4 weeks.  Homes that need a more detailed sanitized cleaning in highly used areas and a deep cleaning throughout your home.

Choose what deep cleaning package you need to cover your cleaning needs. Add on any additional cleaning package

General Deep Cleaning

Focuses on removing the built-up accumulation of cleaning in your kitchen and bathrooms. Also removing removable dust, stains and hair from the baseboards, vacuuming excessive hair and pet hair, detailed grout cleaning for tiled bathtubs, intensive bath cleaning, power scrubbing the toilets, shower glass cleaning, and soaking tub/ jet tub cleaning. 

General Deep cleaning checklist

Deep cleaning for the bathroom and kitchen 

  • Focuses on removing the  removable stains dirt and hair from Baseboards

  • Vacuuming excessive hair and pet hair

  • Detailed grout cleaning

  • Intensive bathtub cleaning

  • Shower glass cleaning

  •  Power scrub toilet

  • Light organization of items on surfaces

  • Soaking tub/ jet tub cleaning

  • Steam cleaning floors

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