Bonsai Green Cleaning, Aromatherapy.

Refresh and purify your air anywhere!

Our special ingredients are infused with 100% organic essential oils and floral water.


Creating wellness benefits for you, while refreshing and purifying any area.


All of our products help reduce and safeguard you against allergens, bacteria,

and germs that make you sick in the air.


Our multipurpose sanitizing/ disinfecting cleaning spray and Aromatherapy blends show a 99.9 percent reduction in bacteria when applied to surfaces throughout your home and offices. Our products have been proved safe and contain highly effective antimicrobial, plant-based ingredients, to help reduce the risk of contracting viruses.


Handcrafted Plant-based ingredients. 

We handcraft all of our products to ensure top quality and that our products are 100% natural and chemical-free.


We source all plant-based ingredients locally, organic, and wildcrafted from our very own backyard garden..

Relax and purify your air! Bring nature back in.